is a 360° service company offering waste-to-energy solutions based on refuse derived fuel (RDF) production. We focus on the demanding technology of RDF from municipal solid household waste. We are a think-tank and engineer pool with solid know-how from 20 years professional experience with RDF production and its incineration at coal-fired power plants or cement plants.


"Our technology is economically and ecologically sound and much more efficient than traditional waste incineration processes.

This helps saving resources and lowering investment costs. RDF plants combined with biomass power plants need less than third of the investment costs of a traditional waste incineration plant."

                     Sven Harpering, CEO

The mission of AUGEIAS is to help solving the problems deriving from almost unimaginable volumes of old and newly generated waste that is harming our environment.
Facing the challenges of global environmental pollution, we want to help solving your waste problem, recover energy and recycables and therefore doing good to the environment at the same time.